Compare Radar Detectors

You can compare the radar detectors reviewed on this site by using the information in this table.

To read a review, click on any of the model names in the comparison table. You can click on the arrows in each column to sort the table by the information in that column. You can also use the Search box just above the table to filter the data to include only specific brands. Just enter the brand name in that box.

ModelInstallation TypeAlert TypeDigital Signal Processing*RDD* Immune Auto learn*Overall Rating Price Range
Escort Max 360Windshield mountAudio, Visual & Directional YesNoYes3.9$500 and above
Cobra XRS9370Windshield mountAudio & Visual onlyNoSpectre I & VG-2 ImmuneNo3.7$50 - 150
Beltronics RX65Windshield mountAudio & Visual onlyYesVG-2 ImmuneNo4.2$50- 150
Cobra ESD7570Windshield mountAudio & Visual onlyNoSpectre I & VG-2 ImmuneNo3.6$0 - 50
Escort Passport 9500ixWindshield mountAudio & Visual onlyYesNoYes4.4$300 - 400

Digital Signal Processing – This feature improves the performance of a radar detector by identifying the signals more precisely and filtering out the false ones efficiently.

RDD – Radar detector detector (RDD) are devices used by law enforcement to determine the use of radar detectors by motorist where the use of radar detectors are illegal.

Auto Learn – This feature has the ability to identify and mark false source of signal for future reference.